Blackburn Place 1

A collection of 20 premium townhomes designed by award-winning architects Peddle Thorp.

Blackburn Place takes the best of its surroundings as inspiration, blending a contemporary design that uses shape and texture to define its presence, with an appreciation for the green spaces that characterize the area, like the nearby lake sanctuary.

The subtle understated colours create a collection of residences that sit in harmony, each a private home in its own right, yet linked to its community through carefully planned shared outdoor spaces and north-facing front and rear gardens.

Light is the defining characteristic of Blackburn Place. Airy and spacious, the architectural gabled ceilings provide abundant natural light, bringing the outside in at every opportunity. This design approach is carried through to the floorplans – smart, open and maximizing space to provide an easy flow to the rhythms of family life.

19 Whitehorse Road Blackburn
Under Construction
Peddle Thorp Architects, Flory Homes, John Patrick Landscape
4 storey, 20 townhouses
Whitehorserd Bedroom 8k Final
Whitehorserd Kitchen 8k Final Min
17 21 Whitehorse Road 3d Render Update Bathroom 8k Min
Whitehorserd Living 8k Final Min